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violence. >> now, some like the nra believe the president is giving license to doctors and nurses to inquire about guns. >> the idea that your doctor would ask you if you have firearms in your house as part of an examination of your health is repugnant because you have a right under the second amendment to own firearms legitimately. >> here now to sort it all out attorney and fox news anchor megyn kelly. so, if it's true that doctors and nurses are being directed by the federal government to make inquiries about guns in some cases that's troubling. >> it is. but it's not true. i mean, i'm surprise to hear the nra guy saying that. first of all, what president obama said was that the -- obama care does not prohibit the doctors from asking about guns. he was trying to clarify that it doesn't ban them from asking if they want to ask. but the nra should not be surprised at this because when they were passing obama care, the nra lobbied the lawmakers and harry reid of nevada made sure it got in to have a provision in there saying patients don't have to answer if they are asked by their
to the democrats in the next presidential election is governor chris christie of new jersey. recently the nra took out an add saying that president obama is a hypocrite because he sends his children to school protected by armed guards and that he doesn't want armed guards at other schools. christie didn't like that ad by the nra and said this. >> don't be dragging people's children into this. it's wrong. and i think it demeans them. and it makes them less of a valid, trusted source of information on the real issues that confront this debate. >> so what did you think? >> well, a reasonable objection to the nra, remember, he is from new jersey, a blue state. he has got to get reelected this year. and he has a legitimate beef with the ad. i frankly think the underlying point of the nra ad accurate one. there is is elite in america which is comfortable with having guards in private schools and is dismissive of the idea that we ought to have people with, you know, law enforcement officials with guns available in other schools as well. is he very, has a lot of people in public life are sensitive about a
, was there any meaningful challenge to it? >> there wasn't because that was a '94 and the nra at the time is said to have believed they did not have a particularly friendly make-up on the supreme court. >> bill: so the nra didn't challenge it. >> no, 'cause they didn't want gun rights being adjudicated under that court. the court looks very different now, more right leaning than then. and number two, this ban that she has proposed is much more broad than the one that was put in place back in 1994. we're still getting our first look at it. but it looks like, among other things, she wants to ban hand guns that have detachable magazines. >> bill: clips. >> and one characteristic of a military weapon. the ban in '94, you had to have two or more characteristics. this passed this new york state and there have been suggestions that the new york state prohibition is going to be found unconstitutional because it comes too close to taking hand guns out of millions of americans. >> bill: you fully expect this to go to the supreme court? >> i think the nra is going to look at this much differently. but i don
and the the nra for example wouldn't be doing. this i'm surprised the nra doesn't have a map like this on its own site. after all it was -- >> bill: if you were a publisher, ralph, you would have sought the information through freedom of information and published it? you would have done exactly the same thing? >> well, i'm not a publisher and not a publisher of a newspaper. i have used the freedom of information act to make public information that is collected by the government that should be made public and it is made public. >> bill: i'm not going to put words in your mouth so you are sympathetic ms. hasson. >> no you would never do that. >> that wouldn't be fair and balanced and that's what i am. you dodged the question. i gave you an opportunity to say i would have done it as a publisher or no i would not have done it i will give you one more chance to answer if if you want. would you have done it or not? >> i'm not a publisher. >> bill: would you have done it, doctor? >> i would have done it but in a different way. without so much personal information, without exact addresses and certainly w
. that's nra sponsored. >> bill: i'm not going to get in a gun control debate with you. >> goofed because you would never win. >> you wouldn't win. >> bill: you believe it's just going to be assault weapons in the handguns leave alone. >> i think he has to. >> bill: this guy paul krugman whiner teaches out of princeton. he called the president a wimp which i thought was disrespectful. he said he was wimpy in the fiscal debate we don't know why since you are a man of the left krugman talks about a lot of thing. when you sit in ivory tower in princeton and talks about what can and can't be done. is he not in washington. >> bill: why does he think the president is a wimp. >> he didn't get what he thought he should get. 250,000 above. >> bill: so no compromise? the position he went in is the position he should come out with. krugman's probably he is has never served a day in something reasonably involved in negotiations. >> bill: so you are happy with the fiscal thing. >> i wish it would have been 250,000 but it wasn't. >> bill: no? >> i will tell you one thing, the news here is that you and
and the nra, which says it wants to cut down on gun crime, too. if all of these people were serious about it, they would stop the nonsensical stuff that doesn't work, and they would say we're federalizing gun crimes. state lines which you can and can't take. get out of line, violate the gun law, mandatory prison sentence. believe me, that would cut it down way. you didn't answer my question, kate, i'm very disappointed. gabriel giffords. there she is how are we as americans if she wants stricter gun laws. shouldn't we rally to her cause? >> genuine reforms gradually cut down on gun violence. >> bill: you would say you want the same thick that she wants but you would debate her on how to get there, correct? >> of course we all want less gun violence. we just want reasonable reforms. and enforce what we already have on the books. >> bill: powers, would you just like to tell me one more time how the "new york times" hard news pages differ from their editorial? >> yeah. there is editorial page and they work in a separate area. >> bill: separate? >> they write their editorials. there are reporter
the nra not taken a hit. >> we do get guns and bullets and automatic weapons off the streets. they should only be available to police officers and to hunt al qaeda and the taliban and not hunt elementary school children. >> bill: i could have used an hour of that. i could have gone an hour just on cnn people. we did exhaustive research there has not been one, not one paid contributor or anchor person or reporter on cnn, by the way you are looking at jeff dr jeff mccall communications professor at depaul university joins us from minneapolis. doctor, there hasn't been one cnn person giving the other side of the story. they have had gusts but nobody on their staff, bill bennett did an op. editor, and then they used a clip of his on crowley or something. he didn't appear, dr. bennett, to challenge any of the others. so, my question is, this is a departure, cnn is always left leaning, this is an advocacy that they are doing on the network. you have seen that, number one? and, number two, why do you think they are doing it? >> well, cnn has a new leader and jeff zucker is the new presid
Search Results 0 to 33 of about 34 (some duplicates have been removed)